Minecraft Servers Wiki

Server wrappers are systems that do not modify the Minecraft server or its data files, but instead read its console output and supply console commands in order to add some additional functionality. This means that they will usually work with any version of the server software.

Name Description Platforms Link Status Latest Compatible Release Source available Programming language Author


Omnipetal is a Minecraft Server Manager that uses Docker to containerize your servers. It is for small servers for you and your friends and has small community features to help you manage your server. LinuxmacOSWindows


In Development (Active) Java Edition GNU v3.0 Javascript / Electron / React juaneth


PufferPanel is an open source game server management panel, designed for both small networks and game server providers. Linux



Active Any Yes Go PufferPanel


AdminCraft is an open source Administration Web GUI Console for administering a Linux Minecraft Server. Admincraft is in early development. The git-page states: "This project has discontinued" Linux


Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.4.7 Yes Python, Bash Alf


AMP is a commercial game control panel/web interface that supports multiple games, including Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. It supports both Windows and Linux systems, and uses a simple installer. It also has mobile support and automatic HTTPS configuration under Linux. AMP has an open SDK and API to allow anyone to extend or modify its functionality. It is considered the successor to McMyAdmin 2 and is the recommended upgrade path for former McMyAdmin users.

AMP is also the only active control panel to have a fully featured roles system that allows you to lock down functionality or individual settings to specific users/roles.



Active Any Front End, Open SDK and API C#, C++, Javascript CubeCoders Limited


Provides server owners with an easy to use, powerful GUI. Powerful functions including a task scheduler, error logger, and plugin manager featuring Bukget. Low CPU/RAM overhead. Supports remote servers through JSONAPI. Windows


Inactive Java Edition Something Yes VisualBasic Bertware
BukkitUI icon.png

BukkitUI for Windows

BukkitUI for Windows is a port from the Java version to C# to ensure complete compatibility on Windows systems. BukkitUI for Windows, as its Java counterpart, is small and lightweight and features a rich, custom user interface. This version of BukkitUI is currently in the development phase and will be released shortly. Windows


Inactive Any Yes C#.NET Beatsleigher
Crafty 4 dashboard.png

Crafty Control

Crafty Controller is a Python (3.6+) program to help with Minecraft Server Administration. It launches a web based GUI in the background for your server. Particularly focused on Paper, Spigot, Bukkit implementations (with some Bedrock support as well) and very little external module requirements. In addition to stopping, starting and restarting, Crafty can also create backups, show status information such as CPU / Memory / Disk usage in real-time. It gives world size information and other disk usage information. All server configuration is done via a web console which is highly secure and requires login. Crafty also has an installer. Crafty can be run on Windows/Linux/Mac as a binary (executable) or as a python package. Full source code is available on GitLab - Link on the main website LinuxWindowsmacOS


Active Any Yes Python Arcadia Technology


Operate a Minecraft or Bukkit server from the command line. With clicraft you can send in-game commands to the server's console, extend functionality with scripts, and more. Linux


Inactive Java Edition Something Yes Bash DMBuce

CraftSRV 1.x (Legacy)

This product has been superseded by GamePanel.io - CraftSRV was a Minecraft Server control panel. Enabling you to manage multiple servers, CraftSRV is suitable for both personal and business use.

CraftSRV includes many features that are not available in other Minecraft Server control panels. Features such as our unique Plugin manager which enables you to install plugins effortlessly, at a click of a button.



Inactive Java Edition Something No PHP CraftSRV Ltd


The Extendable Minecraft Server Manager (EMSM) allows you to manage multiple world and server versions (vanilla, mc-forge, bungeecord, ...) with one tool. It's easy to extend and there are already a lot of useful plugins like: backups, initd, status, ... Linux



Active Java Edition Something MIT Python Benedikt Schmitt
Fork Screenshot.png


A free and OpenSource Minecraft server GUI designed to make server hosting easy, clean and fast. Features allow automatic server restarts and backups, hardware statistics like CPU usage, player management and much more... Windows



Active Java Edition Something MIT C# IKERNEII


FourthWallMC redirected the stdio, so everyone can write scripts to interactive with Minecraft via it. On this basis, it provides a Socket connection, 10 script consoles, and some convenient APIs. You also have a way to call script in the game. Windows


Active Java Edition Something Yes Visual Basic.NET overdoingism


Game Panel.io was a brand game server control panel. Supporting Source, Minecraft and more! Unfortunately, it has been discontinued. Linux


Inactive Java Edition Something No Java CraftSRV Ltd


Handle is a Python front-end for bukkit. It automates backups, mapping, and restarts. It also gives you a live feed of your RAM/CPU/HDD and an online player list. Linux



Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes Python T_Mac


LinuxGSM is a Bash wrapper script made to manage game servers, but it is not just for Minecraft. Besides from the basic functions, it can create backups, update itself and the server, log LGSM events, enter commands directly into the terminal, and port alerts via a Webhook, E-mail, or Pushbullet. Linux


Active Any Yes Bash LinuxGSM Team


A robust command line wrapper and terminal multiplexer supporting the usual things (scheduled restarts, backups, etc) but also packing scriptability and a bunch of useful plugins. mark2 is aimed at those competent enough to configure server.properties themselves, and want an open platform to build on. Works with vanilla, craftbukkit, spigot, feed the beast, technic, etc. Maintained in a fork as of January 2015. LinuxmacOS


Active Java Edition Something Yes Python & Twisted barneygale, edk141, gsand, Column01


A web based control panel that provides scheduling, permissions management, backup handling, plugin installation and many other features in a easy to use web interface. McMyAdmin is currently the most widely used control panel powering over 65000 Minecraft servers. Compatible with most major server mods. WindowsLinuxmacOS


Retired, replaced by AMP Java Edition Front End C# CubeCoders Limited


MCServer is a mini http server which allows you to administrate your Minecraft Server form your local machine or remotely using a web browser. Simply run MCServer and connect to your computer using a browser to be able to give items to players, create backups, start/stop/restart the Minecraft Server and much more. Windows



Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.8 No PureBasic Dean Williams

MC Server Helper

Console wrapper for Windows that automates server backup, restart, and update of minecraft_server.jar. Windows


Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes, Ms-PL C# GaryJohnson
Screenshot mcserversoft

MC Server Soft

Advanced Minecraft Server Manager with a beautiful GUI to host your server at home. Windows



Active Any No C# Fireblade
MC ServerVille Icon.png

MC ServerVille

MC ServerVille is a Minecraft server wrapper that simplifies setting up and managing a Minecraft server. You can save settings to profiles for later use, send commands with the quick command panel, and add/remove people from player lists. WindowsLinuxmacOS



Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.4.5 No Java Axelrod360


Active development! MCPanel is a simple and powerful CLI-based Minecraft server administration tool that helps you manage your Spigot instance. It is a low-level utility, meaning that it allows you to configure your way of doing stuff. It supports server templates (which is, multiple directories for various servers, with own plugins and maps), but currently only supports a single instance of it. This version is stable release, and a web UI is planned for the future for a simpler administration / management. Linux


Active Java Edition only, >= 1.8 Yes bash (CLI), NodeJS / PHP (web UI) hktr92


MCStation is a server wrapper that allows for simple remote configuration. Using the remote shell, you have access to all Minecraft server commands as well as the ability to use the built in mcmap to create maps and email them to yourself. Last update 2011 WindowsLinuxmacOS


Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes Python Boxing Nun Studios


Python wrapper script. When a user connects it starts the Minecraft server and when the last one leaves the Minecraft server is stopped to reduce memory and cpu usage. MCSuperServerScript extends this by giving users the ability to change worlds and some operater commands. LinuxmacOSWindows


Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.3.2 GPL3 Python Paul Andreassen


Minimalistic yet full featured control script for the minecraft server purely written in bash. Despite the obvious start, stop, restart capabilies, the script may take backups, restore and prune them by using standard Linux utilies like tar. Additionally through easily readable systemd service and timer files the minecraft server and the backup process can be automated. To increase the efficiency further, the script is able to suspend the server when no player is logged in and bring it up again as soon as a player tries to join. It supports the vanilla minecraft, spigot and probably other servers. Installation instructions especially for the Linux distribution Arch Linux may be found at the according ArchWiki entry. Linux


Active Java Edition Something Yes bash Gordian Edenhofer

Minecraft Server Commander

Website dead in 2019. Provides various help functions for hosting the default java server, like an auto-command system and give helper. Windows



Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes C# F16Gaming

Minecraft Server Control Script

Actively updated and well documented as of April 2019

[Multiworld] Minecraft Server Control Script is a powerful yet lightweight multiworld server-management script for UNIX and Linux powered Minecraft servers.

Create and run multiple Minecraft worlds, schedule backups/restarts and other tasks, map your world using Overviewer, and more! Minecraft Server Control Script is also compatible with all versions of Minecraft, and supports server software such as Forge, Bukkit, Spigot, etc.



Active Java Edition Something Yes Bash sandain

Minecraft Server Control Tool

MSCT (pronounced like "musket") is a robust and lightweight tool for managing Minecraft servers in tmux windows. Currently supports starting servers attached or detached, resuming a detached server, and halting a server, with support for multiple concurrent servers. Upcoming features include an auto-mailer on server crash with attached crash report and log file, daemonized mode with a web GUI, Windows OS support, automatic backup and restoration of world data, and more. Linux


? Java Edition Something Yes Golang nathanpaulyoung

Minecraft Server Dashboard

An open-source frontend designed to make running a Minecraft server from home as simple as possible, particularly if this is the first time hosting a server. Project on GitHub. Windows


Active Java Edition Something Yes VB.NET navhaxs

Minecraft Server Manager

Minecraft Server Manager (MCSM for short) is makes managing, running and extending your Minecraft/Bukkit/Tekkit/etc. servers much easier and faster. Features include custom command buttons, auto-backup, startup scripts, mapping, filtered message log, command use warnings, web interface and much more! It is in constant development but will auto-update to latest releases (approx. 1 new release each month) if you choose. Windows ? mcw:Java Edition 1.6.2 (or literally any other version!) Yes C# Edward Nutting

Minecraft Server Manager

Minecraft Server Manager is a Linux init script which takes care of all your Minecraft servers. In addition to stopping, starting and restarting, MSM also periodically creates backups, can load worlds into RAM for faster access (reducing lag), has super responsive stop and start actions (minimising player downtime) and includes full bash tab completion for all commands. Visit github for the full list of features. Linux



? mcw:Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes Bash Marcus Whybrow

Minecraft Web Front-end

The tricky way to manage your minecraft server! Windows macOS Linux


Inactive Java Edition Something Yes Java / JQuery / HTML / CSS Sam le Barbare

Minecraft-Webmanager light

Minecraft-Webmanager Light is a lightweight server manager for Minecraft written in NodeJs. In the years since it's last update, it has been taken off the creator's GitHub page. Linux


Inactive Java Edition Something Yes Javascript / NodeJS Nicklas2751
Mc screen small.png


Feature rich hosting solution and control panel. Lets you manage multiple servers over a single web based user interface. WindowsLinux



Active Java Edition Something Front End Python, PHP xhost.ch


The Real-time Minecraft server control panel WindowsLinuxmacOS


? Java Edition Something No PHP & Python TunkDesign


NINSS (NINSS is no server software) is a server wrapper designed to easily write and import plugins, written in .NET or Javascript, for every minecraft version. NINSS reads the server output and provides methods for your plugins to act on the output and issue server commands as appropriate. Project on Github: https://github.com/M4GV5/NINSS Windows


Inactive Java Edition Something Yes NINSS executable in C#, Plugins are written in Javascript M4GNV5
Nodemc logo.png


NodeMC is a Minecraft hosting solution, and API provider, written in Node.js and powered by open-source software. Supports all platforms that can run Docker and Node.js. WindowsLinuxmacOS


? Java Edition Something Yes Node.js jaredallard and md678685
Obsidian Server Wrapper.png


Dead as per ROFLCopter64bit. Obsidian is a lightweight server wrapper with a lot of features to enjoy. World managing and editing is currently being added to it. In the future you will also be able to manage and control multiple servers. Windows


Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.4.6 No Visual Basic, Batch Nacorpio and ROFLCopter64bit


Minecraft Server Frontend to help easily configure everything you need. LinuxWindowsmacOS



Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes C++ Xapphire13


Minecraft server wrapper with crash detection, auto restarts, Telnet and more. Also provides Bukkit-style JLine console formatting for vanilla servers. WindowsLinuxmacOS


Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.7.2 No Java drdranick
Rfwadmin control.png


Focus on quickly saving, loading, uploading, downloading, and switching between maps. Also standard stuff life configuration editing, command line via web, command line via shell, etc. Linux


Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.7.1 (pre-release) Yes bash/PHP thuejk


Console wrapper and packet tunnel for Minecraft beta servers. It implements user groups, whitelisting, admin commands, block blacklisting, chest protection, automated backups and restarts, and more.

As of November 2020, the project has not been updated since 2013.




Inactive mcw:Java Edition 1.5.2 Yes Java SpiegalPwns


Server wrapper based on BukkitGUI that is intended to make server management simple and all in one menu. Windows


Inactive Any Yes C# JusticePro

SpigotGUI Remastered

This remastered version of SpigotGUI is made by the same people but is now cross-platform and remade. WindowsLinuxmacOS


Inactive Any Yes Java JusticePro

TT Server Maker

Creates and runs your server with a single click. You can have unlimited servers. It's easy to update to any minecraft version, including snapshots. Built in port-forwarding, supporting Bukkit, Spigot, and Forge. Windows


? Java Edition Something No C# torokt21


Wrapper.py is a server wrapper designed to emulate Bukkit-like functionality without modifying the server jar. It supports backups, a dashboard to control the wrapper and server, and has an API for plugins. WindowsLinuxmacOS


Active Any Yes Python benbaptist

Pterodactyl Panel

Pterodactyl Panel is an open source game server management panel coded from PHP 7, React, and Go. Although it is officially marketed to be compatible with various games, it is compatible with any version of Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. It is similar to Multicraft, however, it is rapidly growing to several hosts that are phasing out Multicraft in favor of Pterodactyl. Linux


Active Any MIT PHP 7, React, and Go Dane


Wrapper is a Go package that wraps a Minecraft Server and interacts with it by pushing in commands and reading the server logs. This package is meant to provide nicer APIs for your Go program to manage and command your Minecraft server. LinuxmacOS


Active Java Edition MIT Go }