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Andrew "aera" Godwin
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Myne was a custom server created by Andrew "aera" Godwin, older releases of Myne provided a website using Django.


Status: Private

Myne began as a proof-of-concept Python server written by Andrew Godwin (aera). Myne was revolutionary at the time, being the first server with multiworld and the only server ever that was designed to make copies of other servers' maps and archive them. Andrew Godwin founded a server called The Archives, which announced its ending on Oct 4th, 2015.

However, the server was having trouble coping with all the traffic and the immense number of worlds that had to be stored and maintained. He shut the server down for a week and discussed what could be done with his staff on IRC. Adam01 and gdude2002 decided to continue and from then on they were the official owners of The Archives, and Myne's licensing rights. They began to refactor and improve his code, adding in many features and fixing several bugs. However, gdude2002's lack of coding experience ended up introducing a few show-stopping bugs, and the team had to start again.

Status: Public Domain
Released: 28th August, 2009 (was released by Andrew Godwin at this point without a license.)

A new addition to the team, revenant, was an experienced Python coder. He added many interesting new features to the already cutting-edge server, and when gdude2002 messed up, he took it upon himself to recode the features we had implemented, starting again with Myne. He changed quite a bit of the server's internal mechanics, and he managed to fix an incredible amount of bugs. Archives ran on this for quite a while.

Later on, The Archives' VPS had been left unpaid for too long and went down. They contacted the iCraft team so that they would have something to run in the meantime, and it was instead adopted in favor of The Archives' version of Myne.

In 2011, the iCraft project was abandoned. The Archives's maintainer gdude2002 was contacted by tyteen4a03 to seek help in maintaining blockBox, another fork of iCraft. Meanwhile, the server's old maintainer, iKJames, was shutting down The Archives due to lack of interest in Classic. aythrea offered iKJames a server to run The Archives on, but there were differences between opinions on how the server should continue, and iKJames ended up declining the offer. tyteen4a03 and gdude2002 immediately contacted aythrea, and The Archives was revived. They contacted some old iCraft developers to merge the servers in order to make the size of the merge even bigger than before. In order to cope with the expected traffic, there is a need to refactor a lot of code in the new server software. Hence, the Arc Project was born.


Status: AGPL v3

At some point PixelEater was allowed to release a cut-down version of The Archives' Myne software under the AGPL v3. He forked it to Mynecraft, and fixed a few more bugs and added a few features. This was later forked again as Hyvebuild.


Andrew's Myne Mod - Unknown (January 2010?)

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