Minecraft Servers Wiki

This guide provides an outline for getting started on documenting Minecraft servers.

The basic outline of a server page includes a {{Infobox server}} invocation (read its documentation on its respective page), a description of the server, and a list of Bukkit plugins and mods if any are installed on the server.

Plugins and mods[]

Plugins and mods are not documented on this wiki. They are documented on the Feed The Beast Wiki, because it has all of the existing infrastructure needed to adequately document mods, and lots of already existing documentation for hundreds of mods.

For the plugin and mod lists, instead of linking to pages on this wiki, use the interwiki prefix ftb to link to the Feed The Beast Wiki articles on those mods. If there are no articles about those particular mods, you can create them by following the article creation guidelines for that wiki or ask an editor of that wiki to do so on the discussion board for that wiki.

If it is using a particular modpack, likewise, an interwiki link can be made to point to the FTB Wiki article on that modpack.

Questlines and storylines[]

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