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McMyAdmin (or MCMA for short) is a web-based server admin tool for Minecraft Servers and major server mods. It allows Minecraft server owners to manage different aspects of their Minecraft server remotely.

McMyAdmin is currently one of the most widely used control panels for Minecraft servers, used by over 75,000 Minecraft servers. It is developed by British based company CubeCoders Limited. The primary developer is known as PhonicUK. It was originally released in November 2010 and continues to be maintained and updated today (Latest release was in January 2014 as of time of writing)

Editions[edit | edit source]

McMyAdmin comes in 3 different editions for different types of users: Personal, Professional and Enterprise.

  • Personal is free to use for personal servers, but has a restriction of 10 online players, including you. It also has a limit of 3 different users on the control panel. It's intended for small, personal servers and to let users evaluate McMyAdmin before buying Professional.
  • Professional has no player limits, and allows extra users to be added to the web interface with different access rights for different users. It has a one-time fee of £10 GBP (Approx $16 USD / €12 EUR) per-server. It goes on sale 3/4 times a year for either 50 or 75% off.
  • Enterprise is the version of McMyAdmin specifically for hosting companies. Its feature set is largely the same as the Professional edition, with the addition of the ability to force certain settings upon the Minecraft server and centralized authentication. This edition isn't sold to individuals.

Mobile Apps[edit | edit source]

McMyAdmin has two official mobile applications, one for Android and one for iOS. They can both connect to a McMyAdmin server instance, and provide a mobile-friendly interface to manage common server functions. The mobile apps are separate products from McMyAdmin itself. They are available on the iTunes Store and on the Google Play store.

Live Demo[edit | edit source]

McMyAdmin has a live demo to showcase some of its features. The demo is located here.

Features[edit | edit source]

Features provided by McMyAdmin include:

  • Integrated scheduler, to perform tasks such as automatically taking backups.
  • Server CPU and Memory usage monitors.
  • Live graphs updated on-the-fly.
  • The ability to stop, start and restart the server.
  • Integrated server sleeping to reduce resource usage on idle servers
  • Automated crash detection and recovery.
  • Failed start recovery.
  • JSON API to control the server from 3rd party applications.
  • Live chat with in-game players.
  • Support for multiple customizable 'groups' of users with different permission sets.
  • Automated event scheduler configurable via the web interface, with granularity between 1 day and 1 minute.
  • Whitelisting and Blacklisting of users.
  • In-panel installation of plugins.
  • Integrated backup management to backup worlds and configuration data

In the community[edit | edit source]

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Hosting Providers using McMyAdmin[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of hosting services that use McMyAdmin to run their Minecraft servers. Please add your company to the list if it is missing.