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Here is a list of custom commands. They are to be submitted in stand-alone C# source code. No pre-compiled DLLs will be accepted at the MCLawl forums.

Command Description Default Minimum Rank Author Link
/tips [rank] Tips on how to get ranks. Banned edh649 [1]
/mer Overrides level chat? Banned dzienny [2]
/xban [player] An overly awesome one go ban, ip ban, undo, kick, in one command! Admin (SuperOp) dzienny [3]
/xundo [player] Undoes all data from a griefer. Operator dzienny [4]
/megajail [player] It jails, freezes and stealth jokers the player. Admin (SuperOp) Megaosguy [5]
/ctfrules [player/all] Shows the rules for a CTF game. Banned TheMusiKid [6]
/impersonate [player] [message] Lets you chat as another online player. Operator TheMusiKid [7]
/upgrade [password] Upgrades a guest. E.g. if you are guest, type /upgrade <password> to become builder. This was made by request. Guest TheMusiKid [8]
/note <player/remove> <note/player> Allows for taking notes on players. Operator TheMusiKid [9]
/gungod Starts /gun and /fly . Guest Adrix3000 [10]
/notes <note> Make a note in-game. Admin (SuperOp) Aeries [11]
/reload [map] Reloads a map. Operator Adrix3000 [12]
/ttree Keep placing trees so you don't have to type /tree all the time. (Was removed by jordanneil23) Builder jordanneil23 [13]
/xmissle Keep shooting missiles so you don't have to type /missile all the time. AdvBuilder Adrix3000 [14]
/xnote [note] {new/add/clear} [message] Yet another note command. This one is built a bit better than the others. Operator dzienny [15]
/ellipse Makes an ellipse. AdvBuilder dzienny [16]
/unflood [blocktype] Unfloods a map. Admin (SuperOp) R2D2Warrior [17]
/yjail [player] Jails a player without a jail zone. Admin (SuperOp) Keegs [18]
/p2p [player] <player2> Sends [player] to <player2> or [player] to [players]'s spawn point. Operator TheMusiKid [19]
/ohide [player] Use /hide on other players. Operator Valtek [20]
/resizelvl [<@>level] [x] [y] [z] Resizes [level] to [x] [y] [z] from the corner or the middle <@> . Admin (SuperOp) TheMusiKid [21]