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Unlike official Java Edition server software, unofficial Bedrock Edition server software usually lacks many things present in it's vanilla server, which is built into Bedrock Edition's client. The servers, excluding the official Bedrock software, are also free of Mojang source code. In many cases, Bedrock Edition server software can outperform official server software and can provide features beyond the vanilla capabilities, like the ability to handle large amounts of players. Unless stated otherwise, most Bedrock Edition server software are open-source, free of charge, and free-for-all use, including commercial use, given the license included.

Most Bedrock Edition server networks, including featured servers, use unofficial software as Mojang's official server software for Bedrock Edition as it is not as developed as other software and is currently in public alpha testing.

A great place to get help/info from the community is the Bedrock Server Owners Discord

Bedrock Dedicated Server[]

On September 11, 2018, Mojang released an early alpha version of the official Bedrock Edition server software, Bedrock Dedicated Server, announced by Jeb on his Twitter page.[1]

Name Main Developer(s) Bedrock Edition version Programming Language Platform Remarks
Bedrock Server Mojang Studios



WindowsLinux Note that this release of the Minecraft server software is an early alpha release and is released for evaluation purposes. We are keen to hear your feedback on this release, so please let us know what you think at feedback.minecraft.net. And make sure to log any bugs that you might find in our issue tracker. 64-bit host only.

Third-party native mods[]

These mods hook directly into the Bedrock Dedicated Server and provide further APIs in native code (i.e C++) or through a scripting language like JavaScript.

Name Main Developer(s) Pocket /
Bedrock Edition version
Programming Language Platform Remarks
BDSX Karikera 1.20


Windows Node.js with ChakraCore

Script-based overall with low-level API.

BedrockX Sysca11 1.14.60


LiteLoaderBDS LiteLDev 1.20

C++ / JavaScript / NodeJS / Lua

Windows A lightweight plugin loader for Bedorck Dedicated Server, providing massive API.

Support writing plugins by C++, JavaScript and Lua

Endstone wu-vincent, EndstoneMC 1.21 C++ / Python WindowsLinux High-level Plugin API for Bedrock Dedicated Servers

Third-party Server Software[]

This is a comparison of available custom servers for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.
Servers listed here are required to have at least one publicly accessible release.

Name Main Developer(s) Pocket /
Bedrock Edition version
Programming Language Platform Forked Remarks
PMMP Dylan K. Taylor, SOFe
Intyre (formerly), Shoghi Cervantes (formerly)

PHP, C++ [2], C[3]

WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid No Supports 64-bit machines only. Custom PHP extensions are required for use.[2]
Dragonfly Sandertv, T 14Raptor, TwistedAsylumMC 1.20


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid No Lightweight and modern concurrent server software meant to be use standalone or as a library.
JukeboxMC LucGamesYT 1.20


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid No In development.
Cloudburst Nukkit Cloudburst Team / Open Collaboration



WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Nukkit Production-grade maintenance and continuation of the Nukkit project with an active plugin ecosystem.
PowerNukkitX PowerNukkitX Team 1.20


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Cloudburst (Nukkit) The Nukkit you know but powerful! Supports almost all blocks and items, more events, performance enhancements, more APIs, active and friendly community.
Nukkit PetteriM1 Edition PetteriM1 / Collaborators 1.20


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Cloudburst (NukkitX) Nukkit PetteriM1 Edition is a custom version of Nukkit Minecraft Bedrock Edition server software made for my server SuomiCraft PE. It offers lots of extra features and customization while maintaining great performance and stability.
JSPrismarine HerryYT 1.20


WindowsmacOSLinux No WIP Minecraft Bedrock Edition software in Node.js
Netrex Netrex Team / John 1.20



No In development.
SynapseNet DANIHEX, ItsToxicGG, Parsa, kostamax27 and AraaCuteUwu(Yes it's cringe) 1.20 PHP WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Part of the code based on PMMP In development/Looking for Developers
Symply SymplyX Team 1.20 PHP WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid PocketMine-MP Symply is a layer on top of PocketMine-MP, enhancing without altering its API, adding missing content, and simplifying server creation for an easier user experience.
BetterAltay Benedikt05 1.20


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid PocketMine-MP PocketMine-MP API 3 fork with additional features
PieMC PieMC Team 1.20


WindowsmacOSLinux No Currently in active development

Historic projects[]

These are projects which are no longer actively maintained. Many of these projects were forked and live on in one of the above active projects.

Name Main Developer(s) Pocket /
Bedrock Edition version
Programming Language Platform Forked Remarks
BlueLight BlueLightJapan 1.2.10 PHP WindowsmacOSLinux PocketMine-MP Discontinued
PocketNodeX [url no work] HerryYT, kaliiks 1.2 - 1.12.0 Javascript WindowsmacOSLinux PocketNode Need contributors
Podrum MFDGaming



WindowsmacOSLinux No Still under early development.
PowerNukkit PowerNukkit Team 1.18


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Cloudburst (Nukkit) The Nukkit you know but powerful! Supports almost all blocks and items, more events, performance enhancements, more APIs, active and friendly community.
BukkitPE xZeroMCPE


Java WindowsmacOSLinux Nukkit Discontinued
Cloudburst Server Cloudburst Team / Open Collaboration 1.19


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Cloudburst (Nukkit) Still under development. Bedrock-first server software with many feature enhancements, performance improvements and developer optimisations.
JBServer NovaPlay Team



WindowsmacOSLinux No Server allows play Bedrock and Java
clients on the same server.
NOTE: software is under
very early development
Cathy-Batcat Cathesda 1.10 PHP WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid PocketMine-MP Discontinued
Altay Enes5519, EmreTr1 1.16.100


WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid PocketMine-MP PocketMine-MP3 fork with additional features
ClearSky ClearSkyTeam, XenialDan 1.1.5 PHP WindowsmacOSLinux PocketMine-MP Discontinued
Genisys iTXTech 1.0.5 PHP WindowsmacOSLinux PocketMine-MP Discontinued
GenisysPro GenisysPro Team 1.1.x PHP WindowsmacOSLinux Genisys Discontinued
MCPEServer Codehz 1.6 C++ Linux Launcher for:
Nukkit Angelic47, MagicDroidX, Pub4Game, Snake1999, Creeperface01 1.2.10 Java WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Ported PocketMine-MP Inactive/Discontinued, developers moved to Cloudburst Nukkit
VoxelWind fromgate, Pub4Game, tee7even, Nukkit.Ru Team
Tux (formerly)
1.1.5 Java Linux No Discontinued
ElementZero CodeHz 1.16.0 C++ WindowsLinux No Discontinued. Main developer started "ElementZeroR" which was quickly abandoned,
MCPELauncher MCMrARM 1.12.0 C++ Linux No
GoMint geNAZt 1.16.200 Java WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid No Discontinued. Devleopers no longer maintaining the software.
Steadfast2 Hydreon - 1.19.50


WindowsmacOSLinux PocketMine-MP Lifeboat has switched to pocketmine which lead them to discontinue steadfast.

Server management software[]

Server management software enables administrators to maintain servers and provides features such as taking backups and more.

Name Developer(s) Bedrock Edition
Programming Language Platform Remarks
Cubic Control LunayderKater 1.19.63 VB.NET Windows GUI to control the offical BDS with auto-backup capabilities aswell as discord integration and auto-update.
Gophertunnel Sandertv 1.20.10 Go WindowsLinux Toolbox for Minecraft software written in Go, which can be used for clients, servers, and proxies.
vellum clarkx86, DeepBlue


C# WindowsLinux Automatically takes (hot-)backups and can execute the PapyrusCS map rendering tool on an interval.
MCBEPlay FoxyNoTail 1.14.60 C++ Windows GUI to control the official BDS, has automatic backups, can save automatically, and has auto restarts.
Minecraft Bedrock Console MrRooster 1.16.0 C++ Windows Simple GUI to control the official BDS, has automatic hot backups, and simple user management.

Proxy software list[]

Proxies allow transferring of players seamlessly between servers unlike the Transfer Packet.

Name Developer(s) Pocket /
Bedrock Edition
Programming Language Platform Protocol Remarks
Portal Paroxity 1.18.x Go WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Bedrock Protocol Uses Gophertunnel behind the software.
Nemisys Cloudburst Team / Open Collaboration 1.14.x Java WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Synapse Protocol SynapseAPI plugin is required on each server
Waterdog Yesdog, PaperMC, SpigotMC, Yesdog OSS Team 1.8 - 1.16.0 Java WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Bedrock Protocol, ProtocolSupport Encapsulation Protocol Native Waterfall/BungeeCord fork
WaterdogPE Alemiz, TobiasGrether 1.14 - 1.20 Java WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Bedrock Protocol Brand new proxy server for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
ProxProx [url no work]


1.8 Java WindowsmacOSLinuxAndroid Bedrock Protocol Xbox interaction to GoMint
Acid [abandoned] kalliks, VixikHD 1.8 PHP WindowsLinux Bedrock Protocol This proxy wasn't created for
transferring players behind servers

Protocol Translator list[]

Protocol translators allow Bedrock Edition clients to connect to Java Edition servers.

Name Developer(s) Bedrock Edition
Java Edition Version Programming Language Platform Remarks
Geyser GeyserMC Team / Open Collaboration 1.19 - 1.20 1.20.2 Java


Added movement / arranged items from inventory for use in crafting and chest saving.
ProtocolSupport (PE) ProtocolSupport 1.81.12 Java Edition 1.13.2 Java WindowsmacOSLinux Currently has multiple bugs to fix,
but it is mostly playable.
NOTE: Developer testing only right now,
so you will need to compile it yourself
if you want to test it out!
DragonProxy Dragonet Foundation 1.14.60 1.15.2 Java WindowsmacOSLinux Discontinued, developers moved to Geyser


  1. There is now a dedicated server available for Bedrock: https://minecraft.net/en-us/download/server/bedrock More details soon! – @jeb_ on twitter, September 11, 2018
  2. 2.0 2.1 chunkutils2, ext-encoding, and ext-morton of PocketMine-MP are shipped as PHP extensions written in C++
  3. pthreads, leveldb, and ext-libdeflate of PocketMine-MP are shipped as PHP extensions written in C